Meet Samantha!

Photographer and owner of Crave Boudoir.

Crave Boudoir is a modern portrait studio located in Toronto, that specializes in minimalistic, black and white portraits for the modern individual . We strive to celebrate YOU as the focus, without any frills or distractions. We are passionate about helping people of all ages and body types appreciate her own unique beauty through a transformative experience!

There are so many reasons to celebrate ourselves. A boudoir experience makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Boudoir is about YOU. It is about loving yourself and being confident in your own skin. It is about being easier on yourself. It is about reminding yourself of the strong beautiful woman that you are. It is about seeing yourself in a positive light. It is about embracing every part of your body. 

We are all unique, and I want to show you how beautiful you truly are, and help your confidence emerge from within. A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to begin your journey to self love and celebrating the amazing badass that you are.

At Crave Boudoir, we are dedicated to capturing minimalistic, artistic images for each unique individual to cherish for years and years. At our studio, we strive to give you a relaxing environment for you to feel comfortable and embrace your confidence. We will coach you with the most flattering poses, all while you have fun! Resulting in beautiful artwork to serve as a reminder of the amazing person you are for many years to come!