When life throws you curves, embrace them! TORONTO BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER.

If you haven't heard of Fabuplus Magazine, you need to check it out! It is an amazing lifestyle magazine for curvy women. I was proudly published in the Summer issue when I photographed a very special client of mine, Kerri-Lyn. Read below for her empowering interview.

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What inspired you to do a boudoir shoot with Crave Boudoir? 

I am in my mid 40’s, I have always been curvy. I spent my teen years being ashamed of my size, my 20’s pregnant, and focusing on being a mom, my 30’s not really caring about my appearance at all, and now, I've decided that it's my time to shine! 

I had been considering doing a boudoir shoot, when I came across Crave Boudoir’s photos, they were exactly the look that I wanted, sexy but classy, sensual yet playful, but above all that, the women all looked beautiful and RADIANT! I immediately fell in love with all the pictures on the Crave Boudoir website and Instagram page. I wanted to feel like these women looked.

What have you learned since shooting with Crave Boudoir? 

I have never in my life considered myself sexy. In all honesty, I had never even considered myself attractive at all, until I saw the photographs that Samantha had taken. It took all of my self control not to tear up. I look GOOD, really good! Although I don't want to sound vain, I kind of looked hot. Never had I thought it was possible to look like that. All of the areas of my body that I was so insecure about seemed irrelevant. My focus wasn't on them , my focus was on the positives.

toronto boudoir photographer

Why has this been so important to you? 

I truly believe every woman should do a photo shoot at some stage of their lives, it has brought out a self confidence in me that I didn't know existed. I find myself smiling more, standing taller, feeling more comfortable in my own skin. The photos made me feel empowered, almost invincible. There is something about being shown what you look like to others that changes your perspective of how you see yourself. My body is in no way, close to society's definition of perfection, but it is MY body. I have been trying to be more involved in the body positive movement, and I have no problem finding the beauty in others, I am now starting to see it in myself.

What do you hope other women will gain when they see your photos? 

I would hope that they would lose any inhibitions or self doubt. That they would see their potential to feel the confidence and self discovery that the photos have awarded me. That they would see the beauty that exists in them everyday. That they would be inspired to book their own shoot and experience the exhilaration of feeling worthy of being photographed.

toronto boudoir photography

How did you find your experience shooting with Crave Boudoir? 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Samantha! She is absolutely amazing, she's so positive and encouraging. Before the shoot, she sent a questionnaire asking about your favourite features about your body and how exposed you want the pictures to be. I was a nervous wreck when I first arrived, the butterflies in my stomach were having a rave! Yet by the time my hair and makeup were done I was much calmer. Several times during the shoot, I got the giggles, and, still Samantha kept shooting, and although those pictures were neither sultry or provocative,they showed, the real me. I was sceptical of some of the poses she was asking me to do, but then when I saw the results, I was blown away.